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Accident in East Bakersfield After Police Chase

In a dramatic incident that shook the streets of East Bakersfield, a suspected vehicle thief was finally apprehended after a high-speed pursuit that ended in a shocking accident.

The incident took place on Wednesday night at the intersection of California Avenue and Union Avenue. This harrowing accident left three to four people with injuries ranging from minor to moderate. Emergency Medical Services are providing care to the victims, ensuring their well-being after this impactful event.

The cause of this pursuit was a reported vehicle theft. The Kern County Sheriff’s Department received this report near the 2100 block of Bradley Avenue around 8:11 p.m. on Wednesday. In a coordinated effort, both KCSO and BPD launched a search for the suspect.

The pursuit took a daring turn as driving conditions became hazardous on the streets of East Bakersfield. At that point, KCSO decided to continue the pursuit from the skies, using a helicopter to maintain control of the situation and ensure the safety of all involved.

The climax of this pursuit came when the suspect’s vehicle collided with another car at the intersection of California Avenue and Union Avenue. BPD reports that the suspect was finally apprehended, bringing an end to this dangerous situation that had the East Bakersfield community on edge.

This pursuit and accident in East Bakersfield serve as a reminder of the dangers on the road and the ongoing crime that plagues our streets. We greatly appreciate the tireless work and vigilance of our law enforcement agencies in ensuring the safety of the public.

Accidents can happen at any time and, unfortunately, can change the lives of victims in seconds. If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic accident in California, you are not alone.

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