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Alfonso Rios Dies Saving His Granddaughter in Hit-and-Run Accident in Dinuba [Tulare County, CA]

Dinuba, California – Dinuba Police reported a tragic incident in which Alfonso Rios, a loving grandfather, lost his life while walking his four-year-old granddaughter home from school. The fateful event occurred when they were struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Arianna Garcia, one of Rios’s granddaughters, shared her emotions, highlighting the kindness and love that characterized her grandfather. In her words, “My grandfather was the most loving person in the world.”

The tragic hit-and-run accident in Dinuba happened as they were crossing a pedestrian crosswalk on their way home. Despite the imminent danger, Alfonso Rios displayed his bravery by pulling his beloved granddaughter out of harm’s way, sacrificing himself in the process.

Arianna’s niece, Mayeli, was also present during the accident. She was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with a fractured arm and pelvis. However, a full recovery is expected, thanks to her grandfather’s heroic act.

Arianna Garcia reflected on the profound loss her family is experiencing. “My grandfather was the most compassionate person I’ve ever known,” she expressed emotionally. For this family, Poncho Rios’s absence represents an insurmountable void.

The tragic incident occurred just yards away from their home, in the middle of a pedestrian crossing. Arianna took the opportunity to call for caution. “Please be very careful,” she urged, pointing out the recklessness of some drivers in the area.

The Rios family not only faces the pain of loss but also financial challenges. Alfonso Rios was the family’s primary breadwinner, and they are now overwhelmed by medical expenses and funeral costs.

If you wish to support the Rios family during this difficult time, you can do so here. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated in this time of need. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Alfonso Rios.


Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking, life-changing experience. Surviving families not only grapple with immense grief but also financial burdens that further complicate their situation.

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