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Truck Collision in Lebec Unleashes Traffic Disaster

Kern County, California – In the early hours of Wednesday, January 10, 2024, a shocking traffic incident unleashed chaos and congestion on the I-5 highway in Lebec, leaving a scene of destruction in its wake. The accident, involving two large trucks, caused a backup that stretched for miles.

Around 7 a.m., tragedy struck when a truck, previously parked on the right shoulder of the highway, was brutally struck by another truck approaching from behind.

At approximately 9:45 a.m., SkyCal cameras captured striking aerial images of the scene. The cabin of one truck lay shattered, while the trailer of the other showed clear signs of damage, with its cargo scattered across the road.

A driver was trapped in their vehicle, requiring a rescue that involved transportation by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

As a result of the truck collision in Lebec, the highway lanes were reduced to a single lane at the accident site, near Smokey Bear Road. Traffic quickly piled up, extending for miles into the Gorman area. The normal flow of vehicles was disrupted, creating a chaotic situation for drivers trapped in the congestion.

Around noon, authorities managed to partially open the highway, allowing for two lanes to pass around the accident site. However, lanes three and four remained closed, prolonging complications for motorists. Area evacuation continued as efforts were underway to clean up and recover the highway.

This truck collision in Lebec not only left a trail of destruction but also had a significant impact on traffic. Rescue and cleanup efforts are underway, but the effects will linger in the memories of those who witnessed this traffic tragedy.

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