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VIDEO: Pedestrian Struck in Los Angeles Hit-and-Run Accident; Out-of-Control Police Cruiser

Los Angeles, California – In a dramatic incident caught on video, the early hours of Wednesday were disrupted as a pedestrian was struck by an LAPD police cruiser at the intersection of Normandie Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Los Angeles.

Chris Davis, an innocent bystander, recounted the harrowing experience. As he walked along the sidewalk, the sound of screeching alerted him, and upon turning, he found the LAPD car rapidly approaching him. Shocking footage reveals how the police vehicle skids sideways towards the sidewalk, narrowly avoiding crushing Davis against a building wall.

Following the impact, Davis was swiftly transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Fortunately, after medical evaluation, he was discharged. Although the patrol vehicle carried two officers at the time, luckily, neither of them was injured in the incident.

The Los Angeles Police Department has announced that the incident is undergoing a thorough investigation. Contrary to initial speculations, the LAPD assures that there was no ongoing pursuit before the collision.

Additionally, there is speculation that the officer at the wheel may have collided with a sharp object, causing a loss of pressure in a tire and, ultimately, the loss of control of the vehicle.

The building affected by the impact turned out to be a hamburger restaurant, according to statements from the department. While some windows will need replacement, the damages are not considered extensive.

The Los Angeles hit-and-run accident is under investigation, and more details are expected to shed light on its cause. Safety should always be a priority on our streets. Drive carefully and stay alert at all times.


Pedestrian Fatally Struck In Hit-And-Run Accident In California City

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