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Accident in Upland: 4 Dead in Police Pursuit

San Bernardino County, California – On the morning of Friday, June 28, a devastating accident in Upland left at least four people dead and cars completely wrecked at an intersection. Debris was scattered around the scene, creating an atmosphere of chaos and tragedy.

A Ford Mustang involved in the accident showed severe damage to its front end, indicating the force of the impact. Another heavily damaged vehicle ended up in a grass-covered embankment beside the road, reflecting the magnitude of the disaster.

Although details about the victims and the exact circumstances of the accident were not immediately disclosed, authorities confirmed that the collision occurred during a police pursuit, adding a layer of gravity to the incident.

The pursuit began around 2 a.m. in Rancho Cucamonga when an officer attempted to stop a vehicle that refused to pull over. According to the sheriff’s department, the driver fled, triggering a dangerous police pursuit that culminated at the Upland intersection.

During the chase, the fleeing driver entered Upland and, in a tragic turn of events, collided with another car. The consequences were fatal, leaving a trail of destruction and loss that shocked the community.

In collaboration with the sheriff’s department, local authorities are thoroughly investigating the incident to determine the causes and circumstances that led to this tragedy. The community is awaiting answers and measures that might prevent future incidents of this nature.

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