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Accident Statistics in Bakersfield You Should Know

Knowing about accidents is not just for experts; it’s about understanding how they affect us all. Imagine leaving home, whether for work, taking the kids to school, or just going for a drive. Every time we do, we are in a game where, if we’re not careful, serious accidents that change lives may occur. That’s why it’s important to know what’s happening on our roads, especially in places like Bakersfield.

This city, filled with energy and diverse people, has its own challenges in road safety. When looking at current statistics, we’re not just seeking data; we’re delving deeper into how the community can work together to achieve a safer city.

Today’s blog is more than just talking about the accident statistics in Bakersfield; we’ll explore the stories behind each figure. We want to understand what makes Bakersfield unique and how we can change things so that everyone is safer on the road. Let’s embark on this journey, knowing that each number tells a story that can inspire us to do better.

Accidents in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a city located in Kern County, California, known for being a major agricultural and fossil fuel nucleus. It has a diverse population and an economy driven by its main industries. It is undoubtedly a prosperous city; however, it is not exempt from challenges in terms of accidents.

Accidents not only occur in the context of traffic, but despite our commitment to the safety of others by taking care of our property and workplace environments, accidents are an everyday occurrence. They cause catastrophic injuries, financial burdens from lost wages or medical expenses that impact the quality of life for victims, and in certain cases, deaths due to negligence.

What are the Most Common Accidents in Bakersfield?

  1. Traffic Accidents: Bakersfield, a city with high traffic density, can experience various car accidents, including rear-end collisions, side impacts, and intersection accidents.
  1. Pedestrian Accidents: Hit-and-run accidents, intersection crossings, and jaywalking are common in a heavily transited city like Bakersfield. Pedestrians often face the risk of becoming the victims of an accident due to negligent drivers.
  1. Workplace Accidents: In a city with a significant presence in the agricultural and oil industry, workplace accidents such as falls, getting caught in machines or other hazardous spaces, and machinery-related bodily injuries are common.
  1. Slip and Fall Accidents: A stumble, slip and fall accident can occur in public places, businesses, or private properties due to slippery conditions, uneven surfaces, or lack of maintenance.
  1. Construction Accidents: Given the ongoing construction activity in Bakersfield, accidents on construction sites, such as falls from heights, and impacts from objects and machinery, can occur.

High-Risk Intersections in Bakersfield

Road safety is a common concern in all cities, including Bakersfield. Accidents can occur due to a variety of factors such as speeding, poor road conditions, distracted driving, the influence of alcohol or drugs, and adverse weather conditions. Traffic accidents can happen at any time, but especially at these intersections:

  • Ming Avenue and New Stine Road: Average car accidents: 40
  • Gosford Road and Ming Avenue: Average vehicle accidents: 37
  • Real Road and Wilson Road: Average car accidents: 35
  • 34th Street and Q Street: Average vehicle accidents: 34
  • Brundage Lane and P Street: Average traffic accidents: 34
  • H Street and Ming Avenue: Average traffic accidents: 34
  • H Street and Planz Road: Average traffic accidents: 33
  • Baker Street and Niles Street: Average car accidents: 31
  • H Street and Wilson Road: Average car accidents: 31
  • 10. 4th Street and Union Avenue: Average car accidents: 30
accident statistics in bakersfield

Accident Statistics in Bakersfield

Before delving into the numbers that label Bakersfield as the seventh most dangerous city in the Golden State, let’s explore the statistics that define the state of California. 

In 2022 alone, at least 3,854 fatalities resulted from traffic accidents in the state, representing a 5.2% decrease from 2021. However, we know that 2023 is not exempt from these accidents, and we’ll have to wait for new updates from the California Highway Patrol or the California Office of Traffic Safety to discover any increase.

So far, the data on accidents in the state show 60% of accidents happen in rural areas, 40% on roads in urban areas, and 38% of accidents are related to the effects of alcohol.

Bakersfield as one of the most dangerous cities in California

Bakersfield, recognized for its diverse community, has hundreds of vehicles and residents moving through its streets and roads. While the city’s main essence focuses on the safety of its residents, constant efforts to improve traffic rules and road safety standards are not sufficient to prevent accidents.

According to the report from the Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS), Kern County is ranked #7 among the most dangerous counties in California, with a staggering number of fatalities in diverse accidents:

  • Fatal Accidents: Average = 188.4
  • Car Accidents: Average = 169.0
  • Fatal Pedestrian Accidents: Average = 39.4
  • Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers: Average = 52.8
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Average = 24.2
  • High-Speed Accidents: Average = 39.6

Common Factors in Bakersfield Accidents

Accidents, both in transit and non-transit environments, are influenced by various factors. In general, a lack of awareness and caution significantly contributes to the occurrence of catastrophic accidents.

Some of the factors in accidents in Bakersfield include:

  1. Distracted driving
  2. Excessive speeding
  3. Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  4. Weather conditions
  5. Road condition
  6. Unsafe spaces or lack of maintenance
  7. Lack of workplace safety protocols
  8. Negligence by a third party

What to Do as a Victim of Accidents in Bakersfield?

As the victim of an injury following an accident in Bakersfield, you have the right to seek financial compensation to alleviate the financial burden resulting from the accident and recover economic damages. If you are a victim of an accident in Bakersfield, California, it’s important to take certain steps to protect your rights and get the necessary help. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Call emergency services: If there are personal injuries or significant damages, immediately call 911 for medical and police assistance.
  1. Gather information: If it’s safe to do so, collect information from all parties involved in the accident, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance numbers. Also, take note of witness information.
  1. Document the scene: Take photos of the accident scene, including personal injuries, damages to your vehicle, relevant traffic signs, and any other details that may be important.
  1. Report the accident: Call the police and file a report about the accident. Obtain a copy of the police report for your records.
  1. Seek medical attention: Even if you don’t believe you have severe physical injuries, it’s crucial to seek medical attention after an accident. Brain injuries, damage to internal organs, and even some bone fractures may not be immediately apparent.
  1. Do not admit fault: Avoid admitting fault or apologizing at the accident scene. Let professionals determine responsibility. Making a statement in a distressing moment like an accident can influence the percentage of fault.
  1. Get legal advice: If you suffer serious injuries or if there are disputes about liability, consider consulting with a specialized attorney to help you file a personal injury claim. Lawyers experienced in state and local laws can help you understand your rights, list damages like loss of income, medical expenses, loss of consortium, or punitive damages, and successfully handle your legal process to seek maximum compensation.
  1. Keep all documents: Keep a copy of all documents related to the accident, such as police reports, medical bills, receipts, and correspondence with insurance companies.
  1. Do not accept quick settlements: Before accepting any settlement from the insurance company, make sure you fully understand the extent of your injuries and losses. It may be helpful to seek legal advice and representation before accepting any offer.

In times of distress, individuals injured in a traffic accident should seek the necessary resources to ensure fair compensation for the accident. Don’t forget to seek immediate medical attention and contact a personal injury law firm in Bakersfield that can guide you at every step of your legal journey toward a fair resolution.


We’ve dissected the accident statistics in Bakersfield, exploring from impactful data to practical advice. Let’s remember that road safety is a collective effort, and each of us can make a difference by adopting safe practices.

Accidents are a part of daily life, and despite our efforts to avoid them, we never know when we might become victims. We hope this article serves as a moment of realization about the dangers in Bakersfield and functions as a preventive measure.

In the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident that resulted in significant injuries, remember that you have legal rights, and resources are available to face this situation. Seek the legal support you need, educate yourself about your case, and pursue the justice you deserve.

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