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CHP Launches Campaign in Los Angeles to Combat Speeding

Los Angeles, California — The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the Automobile Club of Southern California have teamed up in a new campaign to address the problem of excessive speeding in Los Angeles, California. This initiative comes in response to the alarming increase in traffic fatalities in the city over the past year.

The campaign, titled “Better Slow than Sorry,” takes shape following the tragic toll of 309 lives lost in car accidents in Los Angeles in 2022. Unfortunately, the results were not much better in 2021, as the city mourned the loss of 300 lives due to traffic accidents.

Both pedestrians and cyclists suffered a combined total of 178 deaths in traffic-related incidents during 2022. According to “Streets Are for Everyone,” a Los Angeles-based street advocacy group, speeding is considered the leading cause of these tragic collisions.

A press conference is scheduled to kick off this initiative, primarily targeting young and novice drivers, and will take place next Monday at 10 a.m. Among the speakers will be a mother who recently lost her son in a crash related to street racing.

During the press conference, a wrecked BMW sedan that collided with a Subaru in a speed-related accident in Bakersfield in 2020 will be on display. In that incident, the innocent driver of the Subaru lost their life.

This new campaign in Los Angeles to combat speeding aims to raise awareness about the dangers and promote responsible driving on the streets of Los Angeles. Active community participation, including drivers, families, and friends, is expected to play a crucial role in spreading the message and reducing the number of speed-related accidents.

It is important to remember that road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Respecting speed limits and being aware of the consequences that can result from reckless driving are key actions to ensure the safety of all road users.

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