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Lead Poisoning in California; One of Four Daycares report lead in Water

Concerning levels of lead have been found in several daycares throughout the state of California, according to data collected by state authorities.

The report indicates that out of over 14,000 daycares in the state, one out of every four daycares may have elevated levels of lead in the water. This means that children and infants may have been consuming high levels of lead for decades, according to officials.

The tests were conducted to comply with Assembly Bill 2370, authored by Assemblymember Chris Holden and sponsored by the Environmental Working Group. This law requires childcare centers to test tap water for lead contamination.

It has long been known that many schools lack clean drinking water, and many children are exposed to lead in a place where their safety should be a priority.

Even small exposure to lead, such as through water sources, can severely harm health, especially the nervous system. These elevated levels of lead can have serious health effects on children, as lead is a neurotoxin that can negatively impact cognitive and physical development. It can also lead to lower IQ and decreased concentration, as well as delusions that may result in violent behavior.

In light of these alarming findings, parents are calling for greater transparency and stricter regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of their children in daycares.

Protecting children’s health must be a priority, and it is crucial that swift and effective measures are taken to address this concerning situation and prevent future lead exposures in these critical childcare environments.

If you suspect that your child’s health issues have been caused by high lead levels or acts of negligence at a childcare center, it is essential to contact a child injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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