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NFL Draft Prospect Jalen Carter Charged in Fatal Car Crash

Jalen Carter, an anticipated NFL draft selection, has been charged with reckless driving and racing in association with a fatal car crash that resulted in two casualties including the offensive line player Devin Willock and a college recruiter.

An arrest warrant was issued by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department accusing Carter of engaging his vehicle against the recruiting team member’s automobile leading to this unfortunate incident. This sad occurrence happened mere hours after Georgia Bulldogs celebrated their second straight national championship title through a grand parade accompanied by an award ceremony.

A thorough investigation revealed that the two vehicles were racing while traveling at a rapid rate as if they were attempting to outspeed each other. The vehicle driven by the recruiting staffer registered a whopping 104 mph and their blood-alcohol concentration was close to 250% of what is legally allowed in Georgia. Carter was set to join the NFL scouting combine yet may now face detainment when he returns home.

Tragically, Willock and a recruiting staffer lost their lives in the crash while McLendon suffered minor injuries. A football staffer from Georgia was hospitalized with critical trauma. Investigations further revealed that the car driven by the recruiter wasn’t for personal use but only to conduct team-related activities.

The Jalen Carter car crash is a reminder of the importance of safe driving at all times. We extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of Willock and recruiting staff for their loss and wish the injured a speedy recovery. Carter is currently being held accountable for his reckless driving and will be required to court for further actions.


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