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Three Workplace Deaths in Kern County Under Investigation

The California Department of Industrial Relations has launched investigations into three tragic deaths that occurred in or near Kern County. These incidents, including one case that occurred last fall and was only recently reported last week, have raised concerns among state authorities.

The most recent of these unfortunate events took place last Monday when the owner of a gardening service was found dead at one of his clients’ homes in Bakersfield.

According to reports from the Department of Industrial Relations, the coroner determined that the victim suffered a cardiac arrest, coinciding with an ambient temperature of 96 degrees.

A day before the gardening fatality, another fatal incident was reported in Gorman. The owner of a tire shop was working underneath a bus, performing a tire change, when one of the jacks holding the vehicle gave way, causing the bus to fall on him. Unfortunately, the affected individual, like the victims in the other cases, has not been identified and died at the scene of the accident.

In the third case under investigation, it is reported that an employee suffered a fall in a DD’s Discounts store warehouse in Bakersfield on October 11. Unfortunately, this incident resulted in the employee’s death on March 16. Surprisingly, the state was only notified of this tragic death on June 27.

The Department of Industrial Relations has faced criticism for the delay in reporting the March death. However, a spokesperson for the department has declined to comment on the matter, stating that an investigation is still ongoing. It is worth noting that, once a case is opened, the division has a six-month timeframe to issue citations if safety and health violations are found. These violations could result in proposed penalties.

We hope that these investigations shed light on the circumstances that led to these tragic workplace deaths in Kern County and that appropriate measures are taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. The safety and well-being of workers must be a priority in all work environments.

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