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3 Dead and 6 Injured in Accident on I-680 in Pleasanton

Alameda County, California – A tragic incident unfolded on the I-680 highway in Pleasanton, resulting in three fatalities and six injuries, including two infants.

The tragedy occurred when the driver of a Honda Pilot, traveling south near the Sunol-Castlewood exit, lost control of the vehicle after the right rear tire exploded.

The Honda Pilot experienced a blowout of the right rear tire, causing the driver to make a desperate maneuver to avoid plunging down an embankment on the west shoulder. In an attempt to avert disaster, the driver swerved to the left, causing the left-side tires to climb the divider wall on the east side of the lanes.

As the vehicle ascended the wall, loss of control became inevitable. The car veered to the right, crossed all lanes, and went through the embankment on the right shoulder, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The vehicle soared over a slanted curb edge, ultimately colliding with a tree along the right shoulder. The aftermath was devastating, landing on an embankment and sliding about 20 feet to the base.

Following the impact, emergency teams quickly deployed to the scene. Two adults were found deceased, while another person, ejected through the rear window for not wearing a seatbelt, succumbed to injuries later. In the right rear seat, another person was unrestrained.

The driver and two infants were transported to Oakland Hospital. Fortunately, they are reported to be in stable condition with minor injuries.

A person with severe injuries was taken to Regional Hospital in San Jose, admitting to not wearing a seatbelt and presenting a fractured pelvis.

As a result of the accident on I-680 in Pleasanton, a SIG alert was issued, and the two right southbound lanes of I-680 near Pleasanton were closed for approximately four hours on Monday afternoon, as reported by Officer Tyler Hahn of the California Highway Patrol.

This tragic incident remains under investigation, and Hahn concluded in his report: “This accident is a somber reminder that seatbelts save lives, according to statements from those involved and the on-site investigation.

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