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VIDEO: Tanker Truck Strikes School Bus in South Carolina

(Gilbert, South Carolina) Surveillance footage from a store in Gilbert, South Carolina, captured the shocking moment when a tanker truck collided with a school bus, resulting in a T-bone collision that left seventeen students and one adult injured.

The accident occurred around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday in Gilbert, when a school bus carrying 36 passengers was struck by a tanker truck at an intersection.

A resident of Gilbert posted the collision video on social media, stating that they obtained the footage from their business surveillance camera. The resident claimed that the tanker truck driver attempted to break but was too close to avoid the crash.

The harrowing video shows the school bus traveling calmly on the street, coming to a stop, and then proceeding to cross when it is severely struck by the truck. Subsequently, the store owner and other individuals can be seen rushing to aid the passengers.

From the perspective of the video, one might assume that the school bus would yield, which the truck driver likely also believed. However, the investigation into this terrible accident is still ongoing.

The condition of the eighteen accident victims is currently unknown. We hope for a speedy recovery for all those involved.

Automobile accidents are more common than we realize and can occur when we least expect them. It is crucial to stay alert while driving and adhere to traffic rules.

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